Training and Education are key to a practitioner's ability to maximize the tremendous tool the MSAS System can be. As such, IHT is committed to leading the industry throughout the 21st century with comprehensive training and education.Our curriculum consists of in-house courses taught at our Salt Lake City training lab, home-study, intermediate, and advanced protocols, and a continuing series of Regional Seminars around the country. These events are designed to be hard-hitting, informative, and will maximize the practitioner's time spent pursuing education.


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In order for us to serve you better, we have created a registration. Check out our online form and start learning today!

Training Schedule/Events

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IHT's commitment to training and education is unwavering. We believe it to be critical to establishing and maintaining ourselves as the leader in this complementary health care field.


Webinars / Resources and References

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IHT is constantly looking for and participating in research and studies which explain, quantify, broaden and legitimize the field of Meridian Stress Assessment. Although the discipline is relatively new, a vast amount of research has been accumulated.

Training Faqs

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This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about our training. It provides more detailed information about the events and the services that are provided.

Training Survey

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A new training survey is coming soon. Check back later for more details.


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